Inside the numbers on the new NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR

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Running through the stats and specs of Nikon’s new super-tele zoom

The new NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR is a super-telephoto lens with impressive range, perfect for those who want to shoot birds, aircraft, wildlife and more. With a smooth and quiet operation, maximum reproduction ration of 0.25x and teleconverter compatibility, it offers great flexibility and, at just under 2 kg without the tripod foot, is light enough for handheld shooting in a wide variety of situations. And all at a budget-friendly price too.


Let’s take a dive into the specs and stats and find out what this lens is capable of.

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What’s in our kitbag?
Mount: Nikon Z mount 

Nikon’s Z mount, designed for mirrorless cameras, is wider than the competition, and a wide mount means more light (and more detail) hitting your camera’s sensor.


Focal length: 180-600mm 

This FX (full frame) lens is a great enthusiast’s option for shooting fast-moving objects both near and far, such as birds, planes, wildlife, cars and sports events. It’s also teleconverter compatible, so you can extend your reach up to 1200 mm.


Aperture: f/5.6-6.3 

Get that bird sharp and bright with great background separation and bokeh.


Lens construction: 25 elements in 17 groups

Complex optics and NIKKOR’s famed quality create a lens that will never let you down. Six ED glass elements mean more effective chromatic aberration compensation and lateral chromatic aberration improvement when using teleconverters. And, with an internal zoom mechanism, the centre of gravity and barrel length don’t change as you zoom, meaning stable framing every time.


Vibration Reduction (VR)

A powerful 5.5 stops of VR make handheld shooting much easier with this super-tele, and means fewer failed shots in low light situations such as in a forest. VR Sport mode is also available, which gives a stable EVF view when tracking fast-moving objects.


Minimum focus distnace: 1.3m at 180mm and 2.4m at 600mm

Shoot a bird far away in a tree and then an insect at your feet. And, with the smooth and quiet zoom ring only requiring 70° of movement between wide and tele ranges, you can react quickly to any situation and get the shot.


Aperture diaphragm: nine blades with rounded opening

Want some smooth and subtle bokeh in your wildlife shots? This lens has you covered with fantastic background separation when you need it.


Protection: dust and drip-resistant sealings, fluorine coating

Get out and about with confidence, knowing that your lens is safe and secure. The anti-fouling fluorine coating means easy cleaning of the lens.


Function buttons: 4

Assign different camera functions to each of the buttons to enable you to change settings easily while looking through the viewfinder – great for handheld shooting.


Dimensions and weight

Max 110 mm diameter x 315.5 mm length. Approx 1995 g without tripod collar and 2140 g with. Light and easy to handle for a 600 mm super-tele, the NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR can be an all-day lens on a trip. Plus, strap eyelets mean you can hang it on your shoulder with the optional lens strap.


Included in the box

Front and rear lens caps, lens hood and lens case.


Teleconverter compatibility: Nikon 1.4x and 2.0x

Extend your reach with a teleconverter and achieve up to 840 mm (with the 1.4x) or 1200 mm (with the 2.0x) and capture distant objects in large size in the frame. At 1200 mm the reproduction ratio becomes 0.5x.


AF drive: stepping motor (STM)

Quiet and smooth operation of the STM means you can refocus on your subject without worrying about noise scaring it away.

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