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Five photographers. Four prompts. One remote Finnish town. Nikon’s latest limited series will see you reaching for your camera in no time

As a new year resurges fresh discussions on artificial intelligence and as the value of computer-generated imagery is brought into question, Nikon prepares to make a bold statement with its new The Human Prompt series. 


The new series sees five photographers head to Kuusamo, Finland, with Nikon Training Specialist Ricci Chera. Together, they are challenged to each produce a series of photos in response to a human prompt. First prompt in the series is: ‘Light in the darkness, darkness in the light.’


This exclusive new video series features portrait photographer Lou Jasmine, nature photographer Eeva Mäkinen, landscape photographer Mikko Lagerstedt, wildlife photographer Konsta Punkka and fashion photographer April Alexander. The five photographers are tasked with challenges aimed to capture the essence of being human. It is a direct contrast to submitting a textual input to artificial intelligence to generate an image. Read on to learn more about our Nikon Creators and Ambassadors. 

Nikon Team
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The human prompt campaign asset
Lou Jasmine: “Human connection drives me at my core as an artist”

Portrait photographer


London-based director and photographer Lou Jasmine describes her stills and videography as striking and honest, with a dreamlike portrayal of the world that taps into the human condition.  

The human prompt campaign asset
April Alexander: “AI will never completely take jobs away from creators”

Fashion photographer


Always aiming to unearth her subjects’ remarkable and truest essence, London-based fashion photographer April Alexander has an infinite desire for creative self-expression through her portraiture, commercial and fashion photography.

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Mikko Lagerstedt: “You can’t get the same type of feeling with AI”

Landscape photographer


From Finland, Mikko Lagerstedt loves shooting minimalist landscape photography and astrophotography. His ultimate goal is to capture emotion through the landscape and make the viewer experience the sublime.

The human prompt campaign asset
The human prompt campaign asset
Konsta Punkka: “If you are still creating through your soul, you can see it in the picture”

Wildlife photographer


World-renowned wildlife, nature and adventure photographer Konsta Punkka specialises in capturing intimate portraits of animals in their natural habitats, particularly in the Arctic. From Finland, local wildlife and nature has always inspired his photography ever since he turned his hobby into a full-time job, aged just 17.

The human prompt campaign asset
Eeva Mäkinen: “I think failures are part of the story, it wouldn’t be interesting if it was all successes”  

Nature photographer


Nikon Creator Eeva Mäkinen loves to capture dreamy light and softness in nature. Her snowscapes and landscape shots offers a sense of calmness and sublime. She lives in Kuusamo, a small town in Finland’s northeast where our series was shot.

The human prompt campaign asset

Bringing the five photographers out of their comfort zone, the Human Prompt aims to test different photography styles and techniques while showcasing different equipment. Watch now below.   


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